BCL-Luminex 200 Bead assay reader

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      The BioRad BioPlex Luminex 200 reader is designed to read multiplex xMap bead and magnetic bead ELISA assays. Basic screening panels can detect up to 100 different analytes from a single sample. Validated panels are smaller and more specific to researcher’s goals. Common panels exist for inflammation (e.g. IL-1b, IL-6, TNF-a), cardiovascular (e.g. CRP, SAA, VEGF), neurosciences (e.g. amyloid beta, tau, NGF), metabolism (e.g. glucagon, c-peptide, GLP-1), cancer (CD28, GITR, HGF), and various others. Custom panels can be created to further specify analytes and can lower costs. It is located in the Biomarker Core Lab (BCL) BSL-2 wet laboratory guest facilities where a user can be given open card swipe access to utilize the lab on their own schedule. Scheduling of equipment is performed through iLab.


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