BD LSR-Fortessa

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      Delivers the optimal sensitivity and resolution required for multicolor analysis


      Particle size sensitivity: Resolves 0.5um particles from background; maximum size is 37um
      Lasers: 4 (405nm, 488nm, 532nm, 640nm)
      Simultaneous colors: 13
      Instrument can accept samples from: 12mm x 75mm tubes, 96- or 384-well plates
      Instrument can accept tubes manually
      Instrument can run from plates manually or automatically
      Researchers can use independently following 2-hour hands-on training session
      ALL cells must be fixed
      BD FACSDivaâ„¢ software supports data integrity and helps ensure reproducible results by enabling automated cytometer setup.
      Flow cytometry standard (FCS) files can be collected and reanalyzed in offline flow cytometry software packages such as FCS Express or FlowJo.


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