HUCK-GENOMICS-Microarray analysis

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      Microarray services provided by the Genomics Core Facility at University Park

      RNA analysis
      The Genomics Core Facility at University Park performs differential expression analysis experiments using microarrays as a service.

      The customer must provide the facility with high quality total RNA and the facility will perform sample labeling, microarray hybridization, scanning, and data acquisition.

      Raw data is provided to the customer for analysis as the core does not provide data analysis services.

      The core facility currently supports the use of the Affymetrix and NimbleGen commercial microarray platforms, and will provide guidance in choosing the platform that best fits your project.

      DNA analysis
      The Genomics Core Facility at University Park has the instrumentation to perform microarray applications involving DNA such as CGH, SNP analysis, and ChIP-chip, but does not routinely perform these assays.


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