IEE-DEESL-Sensornet Oryx DTS - Distributed Temperature Sensor

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      University Park, PA 16802

      United States

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    The Oryx DTS is an autonomous (0-5 km) – 4 channel, compact system designed for harsh and remote environments. DTS measures temperatures by means of optical fibers. The device provides a continuous profile of the temperature distribution along the fiber cable.

    • Designed for outdoor installation

    • Wide operating temperature range of -40 to +65 Degrees

    • Ultra low power requirements (12-24V DC)

    • Remote operation

    • Server based data collector and processor

    Example Applications:

    • Oil and Gas

    • Mines • Civil Engineering-health monitoring of dams and dikes for early detection of system leakages

    • Soil temperatures variability

    • Groundwater source detection

    • Stream temperature variability


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