IEE-WATERQUAL-Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer: SEAL AQ2 Automated Advanced Discrete Analyzer

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      Land & Water Research Building University Park, PA 16801

      United States

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    This discrete, bench top analyzer automates the manual wet chemistry methods. Colorimetric methods are automated with the discrete analyzer, allowing for reduced analysis time and errors typically associated with manual methods of analysis. Analyses performed using the SEAL analyzer include ammonia-nitrogen, nitrate-nitrogen and nitrite-nitrogen, phosphate-P and total phosphorus, and silica.

    Analytical Method: Our laboratory follows Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition. Analysis of nitrate-nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen are completed following 4500-NO3-F Automated Cadmium Reduction. Ammonia-nitrogen analysis is completed following 4500-NH3-G Automated Phenate. Phosphate-P and total phosphorus analysis are completed following 4500-P-E Automated Ascorbic Acid Reduction. The silica analysis is completed using 4500-SiO2-E Automated Molybdate-Reactive Silica. Samples submitted for Total P do not require filtrations and samples are prepared using digestion. All other analyses require filtration using a 0.45µm filter and samples must be stored at 4ºC.


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