IEE-WATERQUAL-Binder ED115 Oven and Mettler AE 200 Balance

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      Land & Water Research Building University Park, PA 16802

      United States

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    This Binder ED115 15.4 cu ft. oven is used for drying "total dissolved solids" at 180ºC and "total suspended solids" at 103ºC-105ºC. Solids refer to matter that is suspended or dissolved in water. Material residue left in a vessel after evaporation of a sample and its subsequent drying in an oven at a defined temperature is referred to as "Total Solids". Total solids includes the "total suspended solids", which is the portion of total solids retained by a filter, whereas the total solids is the portion that passes through the filter. Dissolved solids is the portion of solids that passes through a 2.0 micrometer (or smaller) nominal pore size under specified conditions, whereas the suspended solids portion is retained on the filter.

    Analytical Methods: Our laboratory follows Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition. Total dissolved solids are analyzed using 2540C and total suspended solids are analyzed using 2540D.


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