MRI-2DCC MIP-Chemical Vapor Transport (CVT)

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      The 2DCC currently possess two four-zone furnaces with maximum temperatures of 1100 °C that are being utilized for chemical vapor transport (CVT). Each furnace bore will accept an ampoule of maximum diameter of two inches or multiple ampoules of smaller diameter. Programmatic control allows for multiple segment ramp and dwell temperature profiles and data logging of growth conditions throughout each growth run. Two additional two-zone furnaces with maximum temperature 1100 °C and two-inch diameter bore are being obtained to expand the capacity of the facility to produce bulk crystals.

      Four zones and two zones
      Max temperature of 1100 °C
      Ampoule diameter up to 2 inches

      Current Process Capabilities:
      WTe2, MoS2, MoSe2 (coming soon), WSe2 (coming soon)


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