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      The new Talos (S)TEM ((Scanning)Transmission Electron Microscope) can achieve atomic resolution in both TEM and STEM mode quickly due to the stability of the instrument which provides high throughput due to minimal alignment time. In addition, it is equipped with a high speed camera and high speed EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) system which provides elemental maps of a sample in minutes. Other new capabilities include 3D tomography and Differential Phase Contrast imaging for measurement of electric fields present in samples.

      The Talos F200X (S)TEM has:

      A brighter FEG source for enhanced resolution and signal
      Latest generation quad-detector EDS that will enable faster elemental mapping than on the Titan
      Numerous features that will enable in situ measurements (once cells are acquired)
      Wide pole piece which accommodates all in situ holders
      High speed camera (25 frame/s)
      Piezo stage for drift compensation
      Differential phase contrast imaging will enable imaging of local electric and magnetic fields


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