MRI-MCL-Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry

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      Equipments Details


      Four low pressure ports
      Two high pressure ports (60,000 psi)
      Pore structure analysis is more rapid by MIP than by gas adsorption
      Measurements can occur in 30 to 60 minutes
      Pore size diameters can be measured between 0.003 and 360 microns
      Measurements include pore volume, pore area, material density and percent porosity

      Sample Requirements
      Sample size is dependent on porosity
      Maximum size is a cylinder 2.5 cm in diameter by 2.5 cm long
      The sample must be rigid enough to prevent collapsing in high pressure
      Sample must fit in appropriate penetrometer

      Ceramics, absorbents, catalysts, paper, medical implants, fuel cells, geosciences, filtration, medical implants, aerospace, electronics and construction materials


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