MRI-MCL-PANalytical X’Pert3 MRD

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      The new PANalytical X’Pert3 MRD is a replacement for the Philips MRD system which served our needs for over fifteen years. Advances in detector technology, enhanced Eularian cradle positioning accuracy and speed, plus improved optics, software and X-ray safety features make the system a premium high resolution X-ray system.

      A variety of optic arrangements allows researchers to configure the instrument in the manner that best suits their experiment. A 4 bounce Ge (220) symmetrical monochromator can be coupled to an X-ray mirror on the extended incident arm to yield a 10-fold increase in intensity without any loss of resolution. Or, a 2 bounce Ge (220) asymmetrical hybrid monochromator can be installed to allow approximately 3x the intensity achieved with older optics. Additionally, the system can be easily switched from point to line focus applications and GIXRD and X-ray reflectivity can be employed for characterizing thin films in terms of composition, thickness, and roughness. GIXRD multi-peak stress analysis in films/coatings in addition to traditional stress analysis, pole figures, high speed reciprocal space mapping, non-ambient (heating) applications, and in-plane diffraction are all possible on this multi-purpose instrument.


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