SSRI-3T MRI-VisuaStim Digital Goggles & Headphones

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      Visual stimulus presentation for fMRI experiments, including 3D stereoscopic display
      Auditory presentation for fMRI experiments
      Recording of verbal response
      Optional eyetracking

      All digital dual-display video with 0.5 megapixel resolution in a 0.25 square area.
      30 degree horizontal field of view.
      800x600 resolution.
      Refresh rate of up to 85 Hz
      MRI LaserLink technology with all-digital audio and video relay from the console to the MRI headset.
      Optional eyetracker technology and recording software.
      Dual video display 3D capability.
      Rated for 0.2 to 4.7T field strength magnets.
      Digital audio system with 30 dB noise-attenuating headset with 40Hz to 40 kHz frequency response.
      Noise-canceling microphone
      Head mounted display operates inside the magnet bore with no artifacts or detrimental effects on S/O ratio.

      This system was purchased from Resonance Technology Inc. It combines crystal clear, high-resolution digital video with high-quality digital sound to deliver unsurpassed realism. Dual-display stereoscopic video yields 3D images, which deliver visual paradigms that appear to emerge from the screen. The system also has an optional eyetracker module, with software that records ocular movement and synchronizes with EPI sequences. The 30dB noise attenuation headset reduces distracting gradient noise to ensure the subject can hear the intended stimuli. The built-in active noise-canceling microphone enables clear participant response with a minimum of background noise.


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