Tecnai LaB6

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      Types of sample holders available:
      Cryo-holder and cryo-transfer holder for looking at frozen hydrated samples.
      In-situ heating and biasing:Protochips Aduro 500 (link to in-situ page)
      In-situ liquid and electrochemistry:Protochips Poseidon 510 (link to in-situ page)
      Fischione tomography (+/- 70° tilt)

      Typical Applications
      Microstructure and nanostructure: size and morphology
      Cross-section analysis (layer thickness, interface quality)
      Crystal structure determination through electron diffraction
      Defect analysis (dislocations, stacking faults, etc.)
      High resolution images (~0.2 nm resolution)
      Chemical information – composition and bonding (EDS, EELS) from single points, line scans or maps
      Energy filtered imaging (EFTEM)
      Z-contrast imaging using high angle annular dark field (HAADF)

      Application Examples
      Z-Contrast Imaging of InAs Quantum Wells in GaAs/AlAs Quantum Wells
      Nanocrystalline Diamond in Ru-Doped DLC Films
      XPS and HR-TEM Analysis of High k Thin Films


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