Acoustic signal coupling through an all-fiber optic multiparameter structural health monitoring

  • Priya, Shashank (PI)

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The structural health monitoring method that combines acoustic wave propagation through the fibers offers a promising under-the-paint diagnosis technique for large and complex structures. This program will address the challenges related to acoustic wave transmittance through fiber and phased arrays over long distances through systematic combination of modeling, fabrication and characterization of fiber - piezoelectric hybrids. We will design and fabricate piezoelectric acoustic transducers operating in push-pull mode thatcouple acoustic signals of desired frequency through the tailored optical fibers. In order to achieve desired performance we will - (1) derive analytical and finite element method models for the acoustic coupling through tuned phased array, (2) determine the effect of piezoelectric coating thickness and length, fiber spacing, and material properties on the wave propagation, (3) understand the piezoelectric sintering and poling conditions as a function of fiber type,diameter and ultrasound frequency, (4) develop ultrathinpiezoelectric transducers for optical fibers based on tape-casting and micromachining methods, (5) investigate the effectiveness ofpush-pull mode transducer plates and direct coated fibers on the acoustic wave generation and propagation, (6) optimize material sintering compatibility, and mechanical stability in the piezoelectric- fiber arrays, (7) realize piezoelectric coating directly on the fibers through the techniques such as drawing solution through gel, photonic sintering and plasma poling processes, (8) maximize the performance of the transducers by developing ternary and textured piezoelectric compositions that exhibit high coupling and superior material constants, and (9) demonstrate the concept of wave transmittance and receiver in hybrid piezoelectric - fiber system. Our comprehensive approach offers compact, modular, and cost-effective solutions for structural health monitoring of large and complex structures such as naval ship surfaces. Approved for Public Release

Effective start/end date6/1/21 → …


  • U.S. Navy: $300,000.00


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