Acquisition of Instrumentation to Enhance Genetic and Molecular Biology Laboratories and Undergraduate Research

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During the past decade, biology has been revolutionized by new molecular procedures. This revolution in how biological systems are studied also requires changes in how the biological sciences are taught. The development of molecular techniques has been so widespread that the training of future scientists must include the principles, methods, and applications of these procedures. In order to provide biology students with the best and most current experience possible, the faculty are in the process of modifying the curriculum to increase student exposure to molecular biology. This project funds the purchase of equipment packages to expand the molecular topics addressed in sophomore and advanced-level biology practicums and undergraduate research. The equipment provides a realistic exposure to the techniques of modern molecular biology. This technique minimizes the use of prepackaged kits that serve to facilitate an understanding of molecular biological concepts but are limited in experimental scope and do little to increase student understanding of DNA technology. The university can now expand the current repertoire of molecular techniques to include cloning, sequencing, and use of molecular markers in population analysis. In addition to its use in structured laboratory exercises, this equipment can be used to provide students conducting independent research with a strong background in DNA analysis. The intent is to enhance the university's already strong undergraduate program by instituting a program including molecular and population genetics.

Effective start/end date7/1/956/30/97


  • National Science Foundation: $22,453.00


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