ADMINISTRATIVE CORE: Penn State University's Translational Center for Child Maltreatment Studies (TCCMS)

  • Noll, Jennie J.G (PI)

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ADMINISTRATIVE CORE - ABSTRACT As a vital component of the Translational Center for Child Maltreatment Studies (TCCMS), the Admin Core has been designed for administrative efficiency and effectiveness, offering all levels of support to researchers, staff, and trainees. Activities have been devised to accelerate and advance TCCMS Aims A, B, and C and leverage a common infrastructure for the most rapid and effective translational outcomes. Penn State is the ideal environment to realize the Aims of the Admin Core given the institutional commitment to detecting, preventing, and mitigating the impact of the complex problem of child maltreatment (CM). The overarching purpose of the Admin Core is to ensure that the TCCMS continues to serve as a national resource for scaffolding science to impact policy reform for the primary prevention of CM and for nurturing the next generation in cutting-edge science and translation. As articulated in great detail in the intellectual foundation of the Overall Strategy (OS) and Phase 1 progress reports (OS, A3-5), the Admin Core will provide essential continuity to its evidence-based Research to Policy Collaboration (RPC) model to promote policy engagement and to maximize the impact of CM science to mobilize system-wide change. The Admin Core is guided by the following Aims: Aim 1—Continue resourcing and supporting productive, rigorous, high-impact, translatable science and continue to train and inspire a diverse field of next-generation promising young leaders and scholars to do the same; Aim 2—Continue to develop novel approaches to the primary prevention of CM. Aim 3—Continue to implement the RPC model and scaffold the TCCMS research-to-policy bridge (Aim 3a), become the national hub for RPC efforts across the CM field (Aim 3b), and leverage CM RPC successes to bolster evidence-informed policymaking and legislative action for a bold, national prevention agenda (Aim 3c). The Admin Core will leverage the impressive policy-engagement successes and ongoing local/state/federal durable partnerships and ongoing collaborations of Phase 1 to take the RPC to the next level.
Effective start/end date4/1/233/31/24


  • Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: $184,028.00


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