• Perkins, D. F. D.F. (PI)

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The current proposal outlines the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State recommended work for the next two years. Specifically, the proposed approach builds on already existing factors, including: (1) a strong partnership between AFMOA and the Clearinghouse; (2) practical knowledge acquired from six years of prior experiences with AFMOA; (3) familiarity with multiple aspects of AF culture and family life; (5) infrastructure supports for the AFMOA.Although each project within this RFA is different in scope, the Clearinghouse utlizes the following tasks: (1) gathering and interpreting empirical literature; (2) developing, applying, and implementing prevention and behavioral health policy; (3) utilizing research and evaluation to address operations; and (4) providing evidence-informed resources, coordinating best practices, analyzing data, and offering supportfor efficient implementation of evidence-based approaches.For the advisory and consultation task, we propose facilitating the use of subject matter experts to assist AFMOA with ongoing service improvement efforts. The Clearinghouse proposes the support one of AFMOA's key priorities is the translation of evidence-based programs into policy, program development, and practices by extending its already existing assistance with Phase I into Phase II of Air Force Implementation of Zero Suicide Systems Approach and the Creation of Evidence-Based Course of Care Repository projects. Finally, this project will build upon Phase I and Phase II of the Social Norms Initiative. In Phase III, the Clearinghouse will develop an online Social Norms survey with the ultimate goal of establishing an AF-specific Social Norms intervention that targets alcohol overuse and abuse.

Effective start/end date9/1/177/21/21


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $1,443,990.00


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