An Algebraic Approach to Supersymmetric Field Theories and Superstrings

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The research in theoretical elementary particle physics will focus on superstring, supergravity and supersymmetric field theories. The underlying fundamental symmetries of superstring theory will be studied and these symmetries will then be used to determine the spectra of superstring theory and related supersymmetric theories. The mathematical methods that are essential for carrying out this program will be developed further. The superstring theory provides us with the only known consistent framework for reconciling quantum mechanics with Einstein's theory of gravity and is a promising candidate for a successful unified theory of all interactions including gravity. The determination of the spectrum of superstring theory will be essential for testing its predictions. At certain energy regimes superstring theory can be effectively approximated by supergravity and other supersymmetric field theories. Therefore, the work on superstring, supergravity and supersymmetric field theories is very important.


Effective start/end date7/15/986/30/01


  • National Science Foundation: $93,000.00


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