Atomic Layer Deposition of the Phase Change Material Germanium Telluride

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Phase change materials such as germanium telluride and related alloys are promising for a wide variety of applications, including radio frequency switches, novel displays, and on-chip photonic memory. Researchers at The Pennsylvania State University will investigate the synthesis of the phase-change material germanium telluride using atomic layer deposition. They will developconditions to deposit germanium telluride without a nucleation delay and, on suitable substrates, in single-crystal form. They will employ modifications of substrate surfaces, both before they are placed in the reactor and while they are within it, to help achieve this goal. Growth of films will be monitored in real time using a quartz crystal microbalance and/or spectroscopic ellipsometry.After growth, films will be characterized using various microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. Electron and/or x-ray diffraction will be performed. Electrical resistivity will also be measured, and growth conditions that offer low resistance in the crystalline state will be pursued.

Effective start/end date8/1/18 → …


  • U.S. Navy: $400,000.00


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