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The specific aims of this proposal are to:

1) Design and construct microfabricated channels to which kinesin molecular motors are attached for transporting and sorting microtubules.

2) Attach fluorescently labeled DNA oligonucleotides (molecular beacons) to microtubules as bait, visualize binding and transport of the nucleic acid cargo by fluorescence microscopy.

3) Fabricate monolithically encapsulated organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) with coupling to the microtubule microchannels as local sources to excite the fluorescent labels.

4) Fabricate integrated photodetectors for local detection of fluorescence signals. The photodetectors will be used in combination with the OLEDs to detect fluorescent DNA bound to microtubules traveling in the channels.

5) Assemble a system consisting of a sample reservoir connected to a transport channel, a detector, and bifurcation to sort cargo-laden from empty microtubules, and a collection reservoir to deposit the selected molecules of interest.

Effective start/end date9/1/038/31/07


  • National Science Foundation: $537,444.00


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