CAREER: Large Scale Electrodynamic Coupling between the Troposphere, Mesosphere and Ionosphere due to Lightning in Weather Systems

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    Support is requested for a CAREER development plan at Penn State University which synergistically integrates research and education activities in the area of atmospheric aeronomy and electrodynamics, and space plasma physics. The PI and his undergraduate and graduate students will develop a dynamic research program at Penn State directed on understanding of the recently discovered large scale luminous phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere above active thunderstorm systems. The proposed research project will provide answers to critical questions concerning large scale energetic effects of lighting discharges on the upper regions of the Earth's atmosphere and implications of the associated energy depositions for the thermal and chemical balance of these regions. Specific educational activities of the proposed CAREER plan include development of a multi-disciplinary computer experiment laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students at Penn State majoring in Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Nuclear Engineering, incorporation of the elements of proposed research in undergraduate education, including active involvement of undergraduate students in proposed research activities during summer time periods, and providing active mentoring and training for undergraduate and graduate students.

    Effective start/end date3/1/022/29/08


    • National Science Foundation: $415,551.00


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