CAREER: Transport Phenomena in Solidification Processing of Functionally Graded Materials

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Abstract - CTS-9733662 Wang, Chao-Yang The proposed work is to study the solidification processing of materials that feature a continuous compositional variation from ceramic to metal within a part. Such materials, called Fuctionally Graded Materials, offer unique combinations of thermal resistance and mechanical strength, reduce thermal stresses due to the thermal mismatch between metal and ceramic, and near-net shapes. Functionally Graded Materials offer a new dimension for satisfying the needs for high performance materials in aerospace, energy, and electronic industries. The objectives of the study are to visualize particle migration, melt convection, and microstructural development during solidification, to understand the interactions between the particles and the growth front in the presence of convection, and to characterize the particle distributin and grain structure in the graded material. The work will involve a combined experimental and modeling effort. Transparent analog systems will be used to observe and measure particle motion and redistribution in a solidifying liquid. Metal experiments and post-processing characterization will provide quantitative data on the graded microstructure. A process model will be developed to predict graded ceramic-metal structures and to permit tailoring the material to specific functional requirements. The results from this investigation will improve the commercial viability of Functionally Graded Materials.

Effective start/end date4/1/986/30/03


  • National Science Foundation: $365,000.00


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