CISE Research Instrumentation: A Low-Cost, High Performance Computing Platform

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Das, Chita R.

Sivasubramanian, Anand

Pennsylvania State University

A Low-Cost, High Performance Computing Platform

This research instrumentation enables research projects in:

- Efficient Communication and Scheduling Support for a Network of Workstations,

- High Performance Geographical Information Systems,

- High Performance Scientific Calculations Based on Unstructured Mesh Discretizations, and

- Application Communication Characterization.

To support the aforementioned projects, this award contributes to the purchase of Pentium machines and Myrinet hardware to set up a cost-effective Network of Workstations (NOW) platform which will be

dedicated to support research in computer and information science and engineering by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. The experimental platform will be used for several research projects, including in particular, the four cited above. The first project focuses on deriving efficient software mechanisms for communication and scheduling for parallel applications. The second interdisciplinary research project plans to develop a High Performance Temporal Geographical Information System (GIS) on the NOW platform. The third project proposes to use this platform for developing efficient algorithms for unstructured mesh computations. The last project aims at characterizing the communication behavior of many applications.

Effective start/end date12/15/9811/30/01


  • National Science Foundation: $39,986.00


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