Collaborative proposal: Track 1 Increasing Diversity in the Geosciences Through Experiential Learning

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The broad goal of this two-year project is to increase the enrollment of African- and Hispanic-American students in geosciences at Howard University and Pennsylvania State University. The core objective is to develop strategies to recruit and retain minority students with the goal to enter doctoral programs in geosciences or join the professional ranks. Throughout the academic year, undergraduate students will participate in supportive peer and faculty mentoring activities. Peer mentors will include resident graduate students and senior undergraduates, including majority students. Faculty mentors will work with undergraduates on research activities involving hands-on and inquiry-based approaches. Joint research projects will be carried out involving both minority and majority students. Symposia will be organized during the spring semester to allow students to practice how to present scientific results. Likewise, summer research workshops will be organized to engage students in research activities under the guidance of senior graduates and faculty members. Emphasis of the summer workshops will be on engaging undergraduates to pursue experiential research methods utilizing modern technologies. Retreats will be organized to discuss opportunities in graduate school and professional ranks. By working with students for a full calendar year, it will be possible to evaluate the most suitable approaches to attract minorities to pursue geosciences as their potential career.

Effective start/end date3/1/102/28/13


  • National Science Foundation: $99,646.00


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