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Access to the scientific literature has changed significantly due to the immediate availability of most new research over the World Wide Web. Taking advantage of this opportunity, new search engine tools have been developed such as Google Scholar and CiteSeer followed by CiteSeerX. CiteSeerX has become one the most comprehensive and widely-used online public resources for the CISE research community. The Semantic CiteSeerX project builds upon the work of CiteSeerX and will continue its original goal of research assistance. It will also provide more tools and features. Using the established CiteSeerX infrastructure, Semantic CiteSeerX extends and enhances this resource for community development. Semantic CiteSeerX will expand the CiteSeerX architecture to increase use, performance, reliability and applications while continuing to expand the breadth and depth of CiteSeerX's collection. In addition new metadata such as algorithms, figures, tables and equations will be extracted and indexed and this data will be provided as an RDF resource. Personalized CiteSeerX search and author recommendations through an extension of MyCiteSeerX will be developed by useing individual search histories combined with exploiting patterns of citations and searches within the community. The impact of CiteSeerX and new features will be evaluated and methods will be explored to increase the availability of CiteSeerX as a community resource. As in the past all software will be released open source. For more information please see: http//

Effective start/end date7/1/106/30/16


  • National Science Foundation: $913,639.00


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