COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Enhancing Learning Experiences in Partially Distributed Teams

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Computer Science (31) Informed by the successful outcomes of a previously funded NSF pilot study (DUE - 0623047) on student partially distributed teams, this initiative is being extended by the creation of a set of three learning and teaching modules to develop the expertise of both students and faculty in computer science undergraduate courses regarding the intricacies involved in effective teaming across distances. Following an instructional strategy known as team based learning, Module One focuses on developing student expertise and spotlights three key areas: (1) anticipating and supporting a team development life cycle, (2) diagnosing and addressing the 'us versus them' tension between sub-teams and (3) recognizing and accommodating different 'distancing' factors (geographic, temporal, and cultural). Module Two focuses on project planning and preparation of faculty for the purpose of establishing a shared learning environment as the foundation for the PDT project. Module Three focuses on developing faculty expertise through an initial synchronous workshop session followed by continuous asynchronous communication during the project.

Effective start/end date1/15/0812/31/09


  • National Science Foundation: $115,055.00


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