Collaborative Research: Neotoma Paleoecology Database, Community-led Cyberinfrastructure for Global Change Research

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This Division of Earth Sciences Geoinformatics collaborative award supports continued development of Neotoma, a web-accessible centralized data clearinghouse for paleoecological data for which initial development support was provided by the EAR Geoinformatics Program (EAR- 0948652). This effort will enhance the current Neotoma platform by: 1) maximizing rates of data ingest through on-going data mobilization campaigns, recruitment and training of new data stewards, and development of facilitation software; 2) expanding the Neotoma data model to facilitate new proxy acquisition and secondary data including organic biomarkers, isotopic data from faunal specimens, and faunal taphonomic information; 3) developing new tools for data visualization and scientific exploration; 4) fostering engagement and growth of the Neotoma research community through support for a series of workshops intended to train data users, data stewards, and teachers, and by development of an on-line blog.

The Neotoma geoinformatics platform will promote integrative studies of the biotic impacts of climate change over the past five million years by allowing greater access to previously collected geoscience data sets of relevance and the tools to support analysis at marginal cost. The project will promote community engagement, support ease of data set ingestion, address PI team succession and promote educational module development. This award directly addresses OMB Memo M-13-13 ?Open Data Policy-Managing Information as an Asset.?


Effective start/end date6/1/1612/31/20


  • National Science Foundation: $247,050.00


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