Collaborative Research - NSF Workshop Series: Interdisciplinary Design as an Instructional Discipline

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This grant provides funding to conduct a series of workshops on Interdisciplinary Design as an Instructional Discipline to be held over a 12 month period. Workshops will be held at the University of Michigan, Northwestern University, and in conjunction with the 2009 NSF CMII Grantees Conference and the 2009 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences. These workshops will address issues related to supporting the emerging discipline of design through graduate education and interdisciplinary design research. Participants from a broad range of disciplines, including engineering, architecture, industrial design, visual arts, psychology, and business, among others, will be invited to attend.

Design is an integrative activity that spans many disciplines; however, our educational system often struggles to provide interdisciplinary design experiences for our undergraduate and graduate students and to recognize the significance of design research. Recently, new and innovative interdisciplinary graduate programs in design have arisen with strong ties to engineering yet structured to fully embrace and complement research from other disciplines. These graduate programs have the potential to influence the development of a new discipline of design that includes both education and research. Interdisciplinary education is a central factor in expanding and sustaining an American competitive advantage in today's global economy. Developing design as a broadly recognized and practiced instructional discipline is essential for maintaining leadership in the innovation of new products and systems. This series of workshops will bring together experts in the field of engineering design research and education and the larger design community to explore the challenges, successes, practices and future directions of interdisciplinary design graduate programs to gain insight into how to construct, grow, and sustain programs that prepare students for successful design innovation. If successful, this series of workshops will form the basis of new approaches to design education and research that fully embraces interdisciplinary collaborations within the current structure of academia.

Effective start/end date9/1/088/31/10


  • National Science Foundation: $30,000.00


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