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This research project is designed to accomplish two aims: Aim 1: To construct and array high-quality BAC libraries to provide a genomic resource on a wide range of species. Aim 2: To enable researchers working with green algae, non-seed land plants, and seed plants (including flowering plants) to identify genes critical for understanding plant form and function and how land plants arose and diversified. This project will enable progress toward an understanding of the genetic basis for the transitions that mark the most fundamentally important steps in green plant evolution. The Deep Green community ( will help to provide an infrastructure for ongoing scientific exchange. Bioinformatics and a web site will be provided to the community to access these resources (

Selected Species: Desired coverage is given in parentheses. Where two coverage values are listed, two libraries using different restriction enzymes will be made.

Green algae:

Volvox carteri (5x, 5x)

Caulerpa mexicana (8x)

Mesostigma viride (8x)

Coleochaete orbicularus (6.4x, 6.4x)

Chara aspera (6x)

Non-seed plants:

Marchantia polymorpha (8x)

Anthoceros sp. (6.3x, 6.3x)

Lycopodium lucidulum (5.1x, 5.1x)

Angiopteris erecta (6.2x, 6.2x)

Ceratopteris richardii (4.8x, 4.8x)

Marsilea quadrifolia (5.6x, 5.6x)

Seed plants:

Amborella trichopoda (5.5x)

Nuphar adventa (7x)

Acorus gramineus (7x)

Lirodendron tulipifera (7x)

Mimulus guttatus (7x)

Effective start/end date8/1/027/31/06


  • National Science Foundation: $71,811.00


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