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This award provides a Sun computer system as the principal instrument for research in theoretical astrophysics at Penn State. The activities in this area are strongly oriented towards numerical investigations, including medium scale computations, numerical simulations and program development, as well as supercomputer calculations with very large numerical output which is transferred back to the workstation environment for further processing, graphic display and evaluation, down to the final publication stage. The requirements are imposed by the need to accommodate 6 to 10 users and by the nature and volume of the numerical tasks. These will be met by a configuration with a Sun 4/330 server with 24 Mbyte core and 2-327 Mbyte disks, accompanied by a Sparestation 1 diskless workstation with an ethernet interface which provides access to other computers, to external networks and to the supercomputer environment. The system will serve the needs of the theoretical astrophysics research program at Penn State, and will also serve as the training ground in numerical and theoretical research methods for graduate students in the department.

Effective start/end date1/1/906/30/91


  • National Science Foundation: $37,000.00


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