CreativeIT Workshop: Creativity and Rationale in Design

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This is a workshop on 'Creativity and Rationale in Design'. Creativity and rationale connote the complementary natures of design: creating new worlds through strokes of innovation versus analyzing the underlying tradeoffs in current artifacts and systems to guide the development of new ones. The workshop premise is that these poles should not be opposed world-views.

The workshop is intended as an occasion to identify and synthesize new frameworks and directions, and new research agendas. The workshop goal is to bring together a range of perspectives and approaches, to articulate and develop new research ideas and hypotheses, and to reconsider and reconstruct prior work and results toward new research directions.

The workshop will involve thought leaders from four design research communities within the CISE space - each corresponding to a conference series, which nonetheless have had too little constructive interaction: (1) the Designing Interactive Systems Conference, (2) the Creativity and Cognition Conference, (3) the Designing for User Experience Conference, and (4) the Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology Conference.

Effective start/end date9/1/072/28/09


  • National Science Foundation: $25,000.00


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