CRI: Collaborative: Next Generation CiteSeer

  • Giles, C. Lee C.L. (PI)
  • Carroll, John (CoPI)
  • Jansen, Bernard James (CoPI)

Project: Research project

Project Details



Program: NSF 04-588 CISE Computing Research Infrastructure

Title: CRI: Collaborative: Next Generation CiteSeer

Collaborative Proposal

Lead Proposal: CNS 0454052

PI: C. Lee Giles

Institution: Pennsylvania State University University Park

Proposal CNS 0454121

PI: Susan Gauch

Institution: University of Kansas Center for Research Inc

This community resource project builds on the CiteSeer project that provides access to over 700,000 academic articles in computer science with search methods that access authorship, citations, and other structural aspects of the articles. CiteSeer is currently freely available to the public for use, getting over one million hits per day. This project will support a Next Generation CiteSeer that will address performance and reliability in the existing system and support research and education in the national research community interested in search, citation studies, user studies, and related areas. Specific strategies for the project include increased server capacity, redesigning CiteSeer software, developing a Web Services architecture, expanding the collection, learning from user and search patterns, supporting collaborative usage, evaluation, and addressing sustainability. In broader impacts, this community resource will provide a realistic scale model for researchers and students across the nation to use in research and education. The project will also improve CiteSeer's core capabilities for use in bibliographic tasks in research.

Effective start/end date8/1/057/31/11


  • National Science Foundation: $1,112,679.00


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