Development of an All-Aqueous Thermally Regenerative Redox Flow Battery to Support Fossil Fuel Assets

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PSU will develop a basic model of the all-Cu(I, II) redox flow battery (TRB) to assess its performance as an energy storage technology. The numerical model will produce current-potential simulations of the all-Cu(I, II) TRB via a multi-physics computational program. Once developed, the model will provide insights into its preliminary energy storage, power output, and energy efficiency capabilities. The model will simulate fluid flow, mass transfer, and electrochemical transport in the battery reaction cell using the proposed chemistry. Simulation results will allow us to determine mass transport effects on cell power output, identify favorable flow cell designs, and determine the optimal combination of electrode and membrane materials for lab-scale prototype testing. Electrochemical and spectrochemical experimental data will be used to collect and validate model inputs. Model outputs will be validated and improved through laboratory-scale prototype testing.
Effective start/end date3/1/212/28/23


  • National Energy Technology Laboratory: $250,000.00


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