Development of High Performance Control Systems for High Speed Web Handling Systems

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DMI-9813213 Dawson High-speed manufacture and transport of thin webs require tight control of the large vibration that can result from material non-uniformity, support roller motion/eccentricity, or aerodynamic excitation. Since failure of the web (i.e., web breaks) due to excessive vibration wastes material and time, the use of active vibration control for eliminating vibration-induced web breaks is well motivated. The primary objectives of this research are to: i) develop the mathematical framework for designing high-performance controllers and the associated mechanical actuators for web handling systems, ii) develop new web handling control systems for axial-moving materials that require large amplitude vibration reduction and/or require accurate axial-speed tracking for aggressive desired speed profiles, and iii) move the application of actively controlled web handling systems to more widespread use by experimentally verifying the theoretical results with real-time implementation. The research is expected to impact control theory (e.g., implementable performance improving distributed model controllers), material transport technology (e.g., next-generation high speed machinery), and other crosscutting areas (e.g., cable system, flexible robot manipulators, etc.). It has the potential of creating entirely new control system paradigms for the vibration control of axially-moving web-like materials.

Effective start/end date9/15/988/31/01


  • National Science Foundation: $148,920.00


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