Electrical Engineering Research and Technology Transfer Experience for Undergraduates

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This renewal REU Site program will continue to provide individually challenging experiences in research and well-organized integrative team activities and professional development in ethics, entrepreneurship, and systems engineering to accomplish its objective of attracting talented undergraduate students and providing a program of unique, high quality, and balanced research activities that positively impact the participants' lifelong career choices in engineering research.

The REU site renewal will continue to broaden opportunities and provide enhanced research experiences for talented and diversified domestic undergraduate students, especially from the underrepresented groups. Furthermore, the involvement of the undergraduates in engineering research with exposure to ethical issues in tech transfer has implications well beyond the technical scope of the individual research projects, and the inclusion of entrepreneurship shows how research products from the lab transition to products that impact society. It is expected that undergraduate participants will gain successful admission to graduate school, and become outstanding researchers in their chosen fields and strong contributors to society both as individual researchers and as team oriented professionals.

Effective start/end date4/1/112/28/15


  • National Science Foundation: $315,022.00


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