Engineering Research Equipment: Control of Fixture- Workpiece Dynamics

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9311271 DeMeter The equipment grant is for the manufacture of a best fixture purchase of two program mable power units for clamps and for association computer hardware and software for fixture control and monitoring. The equipment and software will be used in the development of techniques to analyze and control fixture-workpiece dynamics. Results from preliminary modeling indicated that fixture-workpiece dynamics could be a source of machining error nearly a magnitude greater than machine repeatability. This research will focus on the dynamics of workpiece restrained by small area contact and subject to milling. It will: (1) develop models to predict the impact of element contact surface geometry, fixture element placement, and clamp actuation on machining accuracy, (2) develop contact surfaces geometries which have superior resistance to slippage, (3 develop models for determining element placement and clamp actuation intensities which will maximize machining accuracy, and (4) investigate variable clamp actuation as a means of reducing workpiece displacement. Experimentation will be conducted throughout this research in order to evaluate models and design concepts. The research process can be extended to nearly all fixture applications and measures of machining accuracy. It will have an impact on work-holding science, process planning science, and the economics of machining. In addition, it will identify other research issues in work-holding and process planning

Effective start/end date8/15/937/31/95


  • National Science Foundation: $34,330.00


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