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9725756 Logan This is an award to support conduct of a workshop to consider advances in the knowledge-base needed to support environmental engineering practice. Emphasis in this workshop will be to identify the research needed to address the engineering component of the National Research Council's recent National Forum on Science and Technology Goals of its six environmental research and development needs. Background to conduct of this workshop will include reports from the forum on environmental engineering research and education conducted under NSF 96-26774 in May of 1997 and the conference and workshop on environmental problems characteristic of urban coastal communities to be conducted in October of 1997 under NSF 97-11151. Workshop participants will include representation from the National Academy of Engineering and the Association of Environmental Engineering Professors. The product of this conference is expected to be used in planning operation of the Environmental Engineering Research program as it addresses outstanding issues in environmental engineering practice. Results are also expected to assist in advancing the National Science Foundation's commitment to the core strategy of integrating research and education as articulated in its strategic plan. ***

Effective start/end date9/1/978/31/99


  • National Science Foundation: $24,250.00


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