Evaluating Aligning Forces for Quality, 2013-2016

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The Foundation's initiative, Aligning Forces for Quality: The Regional Market Place, was designed to help communities across the country align health care forces to improve the quality of health care.This evaluation will provide an impartial and independent review of the Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) program, both to answer key evaluation questions and to contribute fundamental knowledge to the field in key programmatic areas. In this final phase, the evaluation will build on extensive prior work by the evaluation team and will accommodate changes introduced in AF4Q 4.0, as well as details related to the planned closeout of the AF4Q program in 2015. Deliverables will include: (1) a comprehensive issue of an academic journal in 2016 devoted to AF4Q; (2) an impact report for the Foundation's Quality/Equality team in 2015; (3) presentations on evaluation findings at various national meetings; (4) reports for all 16 AF4Q alliances with the most recent results from the Consumer Survey (Round 3), Physician Survey (Rounds 2 and 3), and Alliance Survey (Rounds 4 and 5); (5) preparation and dissemination of eight research summaries; (6) approximately 30 peer-reviewed articles; and (7) an enhanced website.

Effective start/end date6/1/1311/30/17


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $7,360,551.00


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