Facility Support: The AfricaArray Geophysical and Meteorological Network

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Pennsylvania State University and its African partners operate and maintain the 53-station AfricaArray (AA) network for geophysical and meteorological observations. The AA fills a critical gap in the global seismic network and GPS networks. The AA seismic and GPS data are being used to improve assessments of seismic hazards and risks in seismically active regions of Africa. The AA's GPS and weather data fill in critical observation gaps in weather and climate observing systems for parts of Africa. The AA education and outreach activities bring opportunities for students at minority-serving institutions in the U.S. to participate in AA research and it provides training for undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs and technicians in Africa.

This project funds Pennsylvania State University's continuing operation of the 53-station AfricaArray (AA). Each station is equipped with a combination of seismic, GPS and weather sensors. The AA addresses fundamental questions about the nature and evolution of continental rifting, cratons, hotspot volcanism, plateau uplift, and basin formation. The AA GPS data are greatly improving the ability to capture crustal movement caused by groundwater or soil moisture changes. The AA project sponsors underrepresented U.S. students and African undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs and technicians to study in a wide range of disciplines that benefit from AA observations.

Effective start/end date8/1/167/31/19


  • National Science Foundation: $195,716.00


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