Financial Support for International Conference on Model Integration across Disparate Scales in Complex Turbulent flow Simulation (ICMIDS)The PA State University-June 15-17, 2015

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The proposal seeks funds to partially cover publication costs and travel expenses for student participants to the conference entitled, 'International Conference on Model Integration across Disparate Scales in Complex Turbulent Flow Simulation (ICMIDS)', to be held at The Pennsylvania State University, June 15-17, 2015. This specialized symposium will be attended by world leaders in the area of multi-scale turbulence simulation. The symposium emphasis will be on new research ideas, methods, and directions. It will also foster cross-fertilization of ideas among researchers and collaboration in these areas.

The research to be presented in this Symposium can lead to improved understanding of a number of problems affecting the energy, biomedical, defense, and environmental sciences that have come to depend on complex turbulent flow phenomena. The meeting topics include 1) Modeling the interfaces between surface viscous layers and outer turbulent flow regions in wall-bounded turbulent flows, 2) Fundamental distinctions among 'RANS-like,' 'URANS-like,' and 'LES-like' models, 3) The physics of forced non-stationary nonequilibrium high Reynolds number boundary layer flows, 4) Simulation of meso-micro scale couplings in geophysical turbulent flows, 5) Surface flux models (momentum, heat, etc.) when the surface viscous layer(s) cannot be resolved or do not exist due to roughness, 6) Modeling the interactions between large-scale unsteady spatially varying turbulent environments and small-scale high Reynolds number boundaries, 7) Interactions between the ocean surface and internal waves, 8) Transport and mixing in highly anisotropic stratified turbulence, 9) Turbulent fluxes of biogeochemical constituents, 10) Field and laboratory experiments on the couplings among complex nonstationary disparate turbulence scales.

Effective start/end date6/1/1511/30/15


  • National Science Foundation: $15,000.00


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