• Chopra, Shara (PI)

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corn and sorghum, two annual cereals can be grown in temperate and tropical climatic zones and are thus a very dependable source of food, feed and fuel related products. an ongoing challenge is imposed by myriad of pests and pathogens that attack these cereal crops. in a modern agricultural system, insect pests are tackled by the use of synthetic chemicals, many of which are unsafe to human and environmental health. safe crop protection strategies are essential for sustainable production of economically important crops. in this project we propose to develop: 1. insect resistant corn and sorghum breeding lines carrying plant natural compounds (flavonoids) and 2. isolate and purify flavonoids from corn and sorghum to develop biopesticides.our preliminary and published results have established that the use of these flavonoids is effective against pathogens and pests of corn and sorghum and other specialty crops. thus, this project is consistent with the national research and technology development goal of the ipm roadmap aiming to 'develop low-risk suppression tactics, including use of biopesticides, biological control and products of both traditional breeding and molecular genetic technology.' this project, involves a team of geneticists, entomologists, and growers. project will provide opportunities of training students in an interdisciplinary team. they will develop expertise in the area of plant natural compound chemistry, genetic mechanisms of pest resistance as well as implementation of novel and safe ipm tools and tactics.
Effective start/end date9/1/198/31/24


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $325,000.00


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