GOALI: Fundamentals of a Novel Advanced Oxidation Process for Foundries that Improves Green Sand Performance and Diminishes Air Emissions

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This GOALI award is to develop the fundamental understanding of an environmentally benign manufacturing process modification for metal casting. During metal casting, the molten metal solidifies within a mold and takes on a complex shape. Green sand molds include some coal and adhesives; and when these experience the high temperatures of molten metal, they can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A novel advanced oxidation (AO) process has been installed at five full-scale foundries, and has successfully decreased these emissions by 30-75%. Moreover, this process has also diminished by 10-30% the amount of clay, coal, and sand required; and it has decreased casting defects by 10%. The research objectives are to (a) better understand the fundamental engineering kinetics that underlie advanced oxidation processing; (b) at the bench and pilot scale, build on these fundamentals to yet further diminish emissions and enhance green sand performance with the AO process. The potential impact and success of this research could be to advance the understanding of this AO process to where it will diminish total U. S. air pollution by 0.1 to 1% (relative to all air pollution sources). At the same time, enhancement of these features will save money, prevent pollution, reduce waste to landfills, broaden foundries' opportunities, and create U. S. jobs in the vital foundry industry. Tests will measure VOC emissions and green sand performance in a manner that facilitates enhanced behavior while also advancing basic process understanding and engineering understanding. Bench scale tests will also mimic key features of the thermal exposure that foundry green sands experience, in order to acquire fundamental insight via well-controlled experiments.

Effective start/end date7/15/006/30/03


  • National Science Foundation: $250,000.00


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