HF Radar Studies of High-Latitude Thermospheric Gravity Waves

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Overall, the PI will improve understanding of acoustic gravity waves in the high-latitude thermosphere. Mainly, he will analyze data from the SuperDARN HF radar network. Building upon previous work, he will use techniques developed both for observation of gravity waves and observation of plasma flows and field-aligned currents. Various aspects of the waves to be investigated include: examining the connection between solar wind and IMF changes and generating gravity waves, determining the amount of gravity wave energy in the high-latitude thermosphere due to solar and magnetospheric energy sources, and determining how much of the energy that is deposited in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere as Joule heating is carried away to the upper thermosphere by gravity waves. Finally, he will continue pursuing a theoretical understanding of wave reflection from the mesopause.

Effective start/end date1/1/971/25/99


  • National Science Foundation: $136,000.00


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