IDP/WG: Computer Hardware Diagnosis and Repair for Women and Girls

  • Wakhungu, J. (PI)
  • Devon, Richard (CoPI)
  • Yu, Connie C.X. (CoPI)
  • Margle, Janice Marie (CoPI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


9714759 The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Institute at The Pennsylvania State University is a hands-on training program for women and girls to increase their competence in diagnosing, repairing, upgrading and maintaining common PC-based computer hardware. Computer science and engineering majors continue to be areas in which women are underrepresented at all levels. To embed this hardware intervention in the sort of social context that researchers say is ideal for women and girls (Rosser, et al), used computers will be from local industry and individuals for use by our participants to test, diagnose and repair. The computers will then be recycled to rural or inner city schools - the 'benefit to others' that we expect will attract women students. The proposed training can be adapted to other institutions and population groups as we will demonstrate in the course of this project. K-12 in-service or pre-service training for teachers is also a target we enclose. Girl Scout/Boy Scout training, Vo-tech or high school training, and a day-long demonstration model or summer research camp activity for female middle or high school students will also be included. This is an expansion of an existing program.

Effective start/end date1/1/9812/31/00


  • National Science Foundation: $234,160.00


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