Immersive Experience for Mathematics Undergraduates: Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters Program at Penn State

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Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters (MASS) is an innovative, intensive, fall-semester program at Penn State for up to 20 undergraduate students from around the country, which is supported in the summer by an integrated undergraduate research program. MASS consists of: three core courses in the areas of algebra/number theory, analysis/dynamical systems and geometry/topology; an inter-disciplinary seminar; a colloquium lecture series; and three research projects per participant. The courses are custom-designed yearly. Engaging colloquium speakers are drawn from across the country and indeed around the world. MASS also offers valuable training opportunities to graduate student interns assisting in the program.

The current proposal will support Penn State's MASS program and MASS-related summer activities during the 2004-5 academic year. MASS will offer participating undergraduate students an immersive mathematical environment, combining stimulating mathematical training with an initiation into mathematical research. Most participants will proceed to graduate study in mathematics or mathematics-related fields. Original course materials will be prepared for publication by the American Mathematical Society, and the MASS experience will be described in publications aimed at wide audiences of professionals involved in university-level mathematical training.

Effective start/end date9/1/048/31/06


  • National Science Foundation: $75,000.00


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