Imperceptible, multimodal, drawn-on-skin electronics for ambulatory physiology monitoring

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Imperceptible motion artifact-free physiology monitoring in natural settings is critically important yet technically very challenging. So far, there is no existing wearable device or neural interface device that is capable of motion artifact-free monitoring in an imperceptible manner that allows the wearer to perform daily activities without noticeable physical interference or restriction. This proposal aims to fill the challenging technology gap by innovating a new set of technology, namely DoS electronics and neural interface, which is particularly advantageous in overcoming the outstanding in physiology monitoring and can be deployable for naval and marine usages. The objective of this proposal is to develop a customizable and imperceptible, multimodal DoS electronics and to perform the monitoring of ambulatory physiology and tracking the stress state in a natural setting. The ambulatory physiology monitoring is accomplished by the DoS electronics and neural interface that allow the data acquisition in conditions of introduced motions and natural setting. The stress state is evaluated based on EEG, EoG, ECG, and skin conductance, all acquired with DoS electronics. The proposed research effort involves the ink material design, synthesis and optimization, DoS sensor development and optimization, multimodal DoS neural interface development, motion artifact free neurophysiology monitoring with DoS, and mental stress evaluation based on DoS EEG, EoG, ECG, and DoS skin conductance sensors. The outcomes of this proposal include not only the first directly drawn-on-skin multimodal electronics and neural interface but also benchmark capability to monitor neurophysiology and stress state in natural settings. The proposed research, if successful, would address some critical naval science and technology challenges, such as biological and physiological monitoring and modeling for naval and marine warfighters during training and operations.

Effective start/end date6/14/21 → …


  • U.S. Navy: $402,001.00


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