Industry Internship: Plant Layout and Production Control

Project: Research project

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This industry internship project will be carried out in conjunction with MILCO, one of the largest textile industries in the country. The main products of MILCO are TRICO fabric for internal use as well as for sale to other companies, and ladies' sleep wear for wholesale supply to large stores. Currently, MILCO has significant problems in maintaining high productivity due to space limitations and the lack of an efficient computerized production planning and inventory control system. The objectives of this project are: (1) provide MILCO with analytical tools to study the various alternatives to solve their plant layout problem, (2) improving their marking and cutting operations, (3) help them to develop a long-term strategy for production planning and inventory control and, finally, (4) establish a future collaboration with MILCO to work with research problems of their interest. It is also expected that the knowledge gained in this project will have a significant impact on the Principal Investigator's long-term development as researchers and teachers.

Effective start/end date7/1/9012/31/91


  • National Science Foundation: $20,000.00


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