Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Particulate Materials

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9521227 Messing This award establishes an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Particulate Materials (PMC) at the Pennsylvania State University. The Center's horizontally-integrated generic research program will benefit a wide range of industries where particle production, dispersion, handling, fabrication of shaped products from powders are critical processing and manufacturing operations. The research area addressed by the Center include: Particulate Formation, Grinding and Classification, Colloidal Dispersions, Powder Storage, Flow and Handling, Net Shape Forming, and Press and Sinter Systems. A Powder Characterization Laboratory is being developed to provide state-of-the-art characterization support for the research program. Eleven companies involved in a wide range of processing and manufacturing of minerals, food, fertilizers and pesticides, bulk and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and high technology advanced materials, etc., are participating in the Center. An Industry Advisory Board (IAB) consisting of one representative from each participating company provides guidance to the Center's research program. An outside Analyst assists the IAB in the evaluation of the Centers research accomplishments.

Effective start/end date5/15/954/30/00


  • National Science Foundation: $315,000.00


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