Inter-University Workshop on Next Generation Package Design

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9711762 Swaminathan This award is for support for the Inter-University Workshop on Next Generation Package Design. The workshop will result in the identification of: 1) key technical barriers, 2) current university based research status, and 3) major voids that need to be addressed. The results will be published in proceedings and workshop notes. This knowledge gained from this workshop will enable researchers to concentrate research on major technical issues, leverage synergistic research, and identify collaborative activities. The workshop will open to the electronics industry (users of design methods/tools), software industry (developers of design tools), and government organizations to facilitate an open exchange of ideas. The collaboration plan is to use the workshop as a forum to leverage, establish synergy, and strategically coordinate university based research activities. The workshop will help establish partnerships among universities for research and industry for commercialization. These partnerships will then approach key companies and government organizations for support and assistance where needed. The second year workshop will highlight collaboration progress. The result will be a more comprehensive and coordinated plan to address key technical and competitiveness issues associated with next generation package design. A total of five sessions discussing key design issues is planned along with a panel discussion. Engineering Research Centers normally involve studies in research that involves proof-of- concept testbeds. This facility will be the first of its kind in an Engineering Research Center and in a university where the students will have the potential to go beyond proof-of-concept testbeds, to prototype production through a systems-level engineering project. This extends their education from study of concepts to include the effects of manufacturing constraints on their results.

Effective start/end date6/15/9711/30/00


  • National Science Foundation: $70,000.00


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