Interdisciplinary Research Training Program in Advanced RootBiology

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This is a unit of DOE/NSF/USDA Collaborative Research in Plant Biology Program. The theme of the interdisciplinary research training group is root biology, and is designed to nurture a group of innovative and creative scientists capable of developing and utilizing an interdisciplinary team approach to plant biology. The three major focus areas include root ecology, root biochemistry and root/organism interactions. The group involves 13 faculty members all interested in various aspects of root biology from root growth, plant nutrition and nitrogen fixation to soil chemistry/physics. Research training involves training of graduate students, postdocs, a seminar series, retreats, an international symposium, and internships in private and government facilities. Outreach activities include mentoring gifted high school students and professional improvement of high school teachers. The investigators hope to develop this group into a inter-departmental center for root biology at Penn State University.

Effective start/end date8/15/921/31/99


  • National Science Foundation: $1,166,935.00


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