Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Development of a National Broadband Research Agenda

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The Broadband Opportunity Council (BOC) defined its guiding principles as identifying and removing regulatory barriers to the deployment of broadband infrastructures, encouraging public and private investments in networks and services, promoting adoption and meaningful use of broadband, and accomplishing the above in ways that promote the public interest. To secure these principles the BOC, among other recommendations, called on agencies to 'improve data collection, analysis and research on broadband.'

This project includes organizing a workshop designed to promote a three-cornered dialog between policymakers, researchers and data managers (implementation agencies), to collectively define a broadband research agenda that will ultimately provide answers to questions relevant to each of these stakeholders. The organizers will seek to secure the participation of broadband experts from multiple stakeholders, including universities and university affiliated research institutes, regulatory agencies, policy makers, industry bodies, and implementation agencies. A publicly available workshop report will be created to disseminate workshop findings.

Effective start/end date5/1/164/30/18


  • National Science Foundation: $91,374.00


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